Catching melodies from the subconscious

Catching melodies from the subconscious

I’ve read a book about the power of our subconscious mind, and how it can be a breeding ground for both good and bad thoughts, depending on what you plant on it. Anyway, this post is not about self-motivation using the subconscious mind but about what I personally experience during the few minutes leading to the state of consciousness from a good night’s sleep, i.e. when I’m already wide awake.

I don’t know if you have experienced this, but in those few moments before I wake up, I hear some unique melodies, with or without lyrics, oftentimes sung by one or more persons, or played by an instrument or more. Did this happen to you as well, waking up to songs and melodies you have not heard ever since? What’s interesting is that they were intensely present in my dreams, in my subconscious mind, and how they instantly stop and leave me as I wake up. I wanted to grab these heaven-sent melodies but to no avail.

Oh, if only I have the talent to interpret these melodies and lyrics and transform them into actual notes. If only I can write them while I am still dreaming… I wonder how the final outcome would sound? I know this sounds like wishful thinking, but maybe if I’m just a composer I would have arranged these sounds from my subconscious and make them into a real song. Then, it would be fun to modify and tweak the song with sound effects from a monotron or synthesizer, or develop it creatively with a production software. The possibilities are endless while I’m dreaming about this. LOL.

Our mind is truly such a wonderful part of us, so amazingly powerful is its potential to do things beyond what we limit ourselves to be.

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