Tiny secret glasses

Tiny secret glasses

Have you ever wondered how it is to live with some tiny secret glasses stuck inside your eyes? Yes, I’m talking about wearing contact lenses.

Every day, you have to rinse and clean both lenses before putting on your eyes, take them off and soak them before going to sleep. When the air gets dusty, you better close your eyes since it can be really painful when some dust settles inside with your lenses on. Ouch.

Too much wind can also take off your lenses causing them to be flown away to Neverland. These tiny glasses sometimes fall somewhere when you least expect it, giving you a hard time locating them especially with a blurred vision.

There are many types of contact lenses to suit a user’s preferences. I use a rigid gas permeable (RGP) type, also known as hard contacts, with diameter smaller than the iris. Other types include soft contact lenses, daily or monthly disposables to colored lenses.

Caring for your eyes is important when you are a contact lens user. You need to complement your daily routine with products such as comfort drops or revitalizing eye pads, all-in-one eye solutions, lens cleaner, lens insertion devices and other accessories according to your eye care needs.

Wearing contacts is not that easy actually. But I dislike wearing glasses more, so I managed to keep up with the inconveniences of being a contact lens user, it still gives more advantages than having some bulky glasses strapped to my eyes.

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