For those who are new to website building and blogging

For those who are new to website building and blogging

A friend, who’s a newbie to websites and blogging, asked for help regarding his plans of creating his own personal website. He’s an architect and wants to have a site where he can express his interests in design and music. He would like his site to be a venue for online ventures as well.

Just like any newbie to website building and development, he seemed intimidated just thinking about where and how to start. I explained a lot of things to him but told him it would be best to make his own blog first and learn the ropes in the process. I would be there to guide him of course.

We know there are so many free blogging platforms offered in the Internet nowadays. But I recommended to him to host his blog in his own domain. It simply is the best choice if you are serious about going into online ventures in the future as most free blogging sites are limited in features and customization.

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