Bathroom design inspiration

Bathroom design inspiration

Having your own accommodation away from home is a blessing indeed. Nothing beats the convenience of staying in your own place, such as a condo unit or flat, instead of checking in a hotel or renting an apartment and adding up to your travel expenses.

For instance, during my sister’s previous vacation, we stayed at her own one-bedroom condo unit in Paranaque, together with her two kids, my mom and dad, before their trip back to Europe. It was quite a blast even if we stayed for just few days. She commented that the unit was spacious for a single bedroom condo. I couldn’t agree more although I just wish that I could say the same thing for the bathroom which was just too small and cramped in space. I had difficulty bathing my baby nephew in the tub with the limited shower area. Oh well.

Talking about bathroom design, there’s a lot of inspiration one can get from the Internet, particularly from architectural and interior design websites. Here are some cool bathroom designs from Flickr photo sharing site.

bathroom design interior - pastel theme

bathroom design interior - green theme

bathroom design interior - brown theme

What if your bathroom space is limited? I know this is the main concern for condo units which usually come with limited area for the bathroom. Not to worry though, just choose the right space-saving bathroom furniture and accessories to help you out. It’s also good to keep your bathroom squeaky clean and dry with bet mold removal products and disinfectants. A clean and well-maintained bathroom looks attractive and easy on the eyes.

Check out online bathroom furniture suppliers that offer a wide selection of bathroom styles and designs to choose from. They usually feature products such as bathroom tiles, toilets, shower enclosures, towel rails, mirrors and more, maybe even have a Jacuzzi collection. Most of these sites provide a search tool, simply enter your favorite keywords to get a filtered list of your preferred bathroom products. Also, be on the lookout for online suppliers currently offering some items on sale.

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