Success is something you attract

Success is something you attract

Success is something you attract by the person you become.

So to attract dedicated people, you must be dedicated.

To attract positive people, you must be positive.

To attract loyal people, you must be loyal.

To attract gifted people, you must be gifted.

To attract sincere people, you must be sincere.

So it is not in the pursuing that you get,

But rather it is in becoming that you get.

Success: It is in becoming that you get
From “90 Days to Life Change” by Jim Rohn

I couldn’t agree more with the above quote on success by business guru Jim Rohn. Such wise and insightful words reminding us that it’s better to start within and acknowledge our weaknesses instead of going on a blaming mode.

You cannot command respect from others if you don’t have self respect. Or have honest and hard working employees if your business deals with dishonest transactions. Parents cannot impose discipline on their children if they themselves are not responsible enough.

How others treat and value you as a person depends on your self-image and self worth.

By becoming the best that we can be — this is the doorway to attracting success in life.

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