Warning! Too much Vitamin A can be toxic

Warning! Too much Vitamin A can be toxic

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin which is very much needed if you like to be fit and healthy. It aids in the body’s important metabolic functions such as vision, disease immunity, good skin condition, as an antioxidant and other biological functions. Thus, Vitamin A deficiency should be avoided as this is the cause of blindness of some children in developing countries.

Just don’t go overboard when taking Vitamin A though because unlike other water-soluble vitamins like B and C, Vitamin A is fat-soluble, thus one has to take it in the recommended dosage only. Too much Vitamin A can cause toxicity with side effects such as headaches, nausea, hair loss, and even mental instability… ewww… just reading about these side effects can be alarming!

While Vitamin A is very much needed to have healthy eyes to maintain clear and normal vision, it is also important in maintaining good skin health. Thus it plays an important role in dermatology and skin care particularly in the treatment of severe acne. For instance, the drug isotretinoin aka Accutane is derived from Vitamin A and significantly help reduce severe acne, and has been used by many. It’s just unfortunate that this oral acne treatment has caused dangerous side effects to some users, from mild adverse reactions such as headaches and skin irritation to severe drug reactions such as depression, Crohn’s disease and even birth defects in babies of women who took the drug during their pregnancy.

What’s your daily dose of multivitamins and food supplements? Remember, not to go overboard with these little pieces of health products.

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