Health vs. Work

Health vs. Work

I usually don’t sleep until I get the job done. I like to focus on the task at hand, oftentimes ignoring my empty grumbling stomach or the clock so I can work continuously without any distractions. My favorite working hour is past midnight, when the world is in dreamland – the silent surroundings make it more conducive for me to focus on my work.

Not a good habit, right? Well, that was me, until few weeks ago.

Nowadays, I’m trying to change my work schedule, especially staying up late until dawn. There was a time when I got sick for days, and along came the awful migraines and fatigue. After that downtime, I resolved not to sacrifice my health despite work demands. I promised myself to be more attentive to my body, to practice more self-awareness, especially in listening and feeling what my body is trying to tell me, instead of just ignoring the signs.

We are responsible in caring for our own physical needs. How often have we seen some friends land in the hospital due to so much stress at work? Their hard-earned money was just spent for the medical bills, and sometimes it’s not even enough.

Recently, I had a looming task due, but I chose to rest and get my much-needed sleep rather than slave over it. I woke up so refreshed and renewed, physically and mentally ready to seize the day!

Life is all about balance.

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