Virtual file storage, anyone?

Virtual file storage, anyone?

I have accumulated a lot of documents, videos, songs, photos and all sorts of files on my computer over the past years, but I have not even accessed most of them these days. I only deal with a few documents which I needed to finish some tasks.

I’ve been planning to organize my files and sort them all  neatly in labeled folders in my hard disk, but I still have to find time for it. I just hope my hard drive won’t crash or do anything bad as I haven’t got a backup of these files yet!

The virtual mess in my laptop could very well be similar to the actual physical mess shown in this pic of a messy desk. *wink*

For those who would like to do some tidying up and storing of their files, they can also consider virtual file storage up in ‘The Cloud’. This means that your files are uploaded to the Internet in a secure manner via a cloud storage provider. Sounds simple, right?

To help you choose which cloud storage provider to go to, just do a bit of research over the Internet. Many informative sites provide a list of the best top cloud storage providers. The details about these providers are listed in comparison with regards to price, server security and other important factors.

The concept of cloud storage may sound risky to newbies, but it is actually what most companies turn to these days. With cloud storage, the files are stored virtually, in a much safer way than physical storage disks can do. The files are kept in the cloud, away from fire, theft and other accidents.

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