Think and grow rich!

Think and grow rich!

If you notice the title, it’s “Think and Grow Rich” not “Work Hard and Grow Rich”.

“Think and Grow Rich” is actually a bestseller by Napoleon Hill which I’ve read many years ago. It opened up for me a lot of paradigms about money, being wealthy and achieving financial freedom. It inspired me to dream about being financially free in the future, thus that time I decided to invest in a business that was supposed to be my passport to passive income. Too bad, I was not that focused on the business and lost interest later on. Many years later and until now, I’m still busy working hard for money and not even close to being truly rich and financially free as what I have dreamed and planned before.

So what could have gone wrong? I realized that I haven’t invested my money on solid assets. I was too busy creating active income and not passive income. I should have invested my money on real estate or stocks which could have earned more interest. Well, it’s not yet too late though to pick up the pieces. Few years ago, I started investing in stocks through CitisecOnline’s EIP (Easy Investment Program), a safe investment method recommended by Bo Sanchez whom I consider as a business mentor. Unfortunately, I was not disciplined enough to follow its scheduled monthly investment scheme. I’m planning to start another EIP this year though.

There are man other ways to invest for the future. For instance, one can invest in precious metals such as gold or silver which are considered to be solid and liquid assets. According to financial analysts, there is no better time to invest in silver than now as the supply is diminishing and world demand is increasing. This is another way to grab an investment opportunity while it’s still obtainable.

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