Sometimes life offers so many questions – some are trivial, some so ordinary, some so profound you don’t know how to answer them:

Why is the sky blue?

– Why is it raining when I hang my clothes to dry and sunny when it’s not my laundry day?

– Why do people get fatter as they grow older?

– What causes baldness?

– Why do you miss people you’re fond of?

– How do I balance my time with family and career?

– What are my priorities for this year?

– What is my purpose in life?

Here are some more interesting questions from Yahoo! Answers:

Petrol or Diesel. Which car do you prefer and why?

Why do people who are insecure within, cover it up by bragging and pointing out fault in others?

What qualities do guys look for in a girl?

Hotels in Birmingham with wheelchair access?

What is the best brand hair dryer?

Am I the greatest or what?

Sometimes we have the answers, sometimes we need time to reflect and think about them before we answer, and sometimes it’s better to leave them as they are.

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