Strictly for company use

A former office mate was once apprehended by our HR department head for not being focused on her work as a secretary. I forgot how it was but I guess the IT department saw some unrelated files on her computer and I remember there were some videos, games and personality quizzes. So, the IT staff didn’t have better things to do as well huh? They were also busy snooping on other people’s computers! Ugh.

These days, most companies strictly discourage sending personal emails during working hours. And how about sending online instant messages via Yahoo Messenger or ICQ or Skype? Some companies allow these chat programs as means of communication for business-related matters but some employees still sneak in few messages to their loved ones.

As one of my friends declared, the work results are more important than these limiting company rules. IMO, it really depends on the job description and one should adhere to company rules as a responsible employee. What is your opinion about this?

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