The satisfied customer

No aggressive marketing strategy beats that of a satisfied customer. They market your products and services faster than the speed of light. That may be an exaggeration but word-of-mouth marketing reaches others in a more convincing way. Why so? The rants and raves of a family member or friend tend to be more believable than what you see on TV or on that huge attractive billboard by the road.

For instance, you see on TV a much-hyped commercial of Smart Bro prepaid broadband service, telling you they’ve lowered their price for the kit and how you can have broadband access anywhere. Then you hear a friend complaining about how painfully slow is his Internet connection using Smart Bro and he regrets having bought the expensive kit it in the first place. So which would you believe?

Isn’t it that as a customer, there are times when you felt not satisfied with what you’re getting and you walk out of the business premises a bit disappointed? If only that shop or store made a little more effort with their services or the quality of their workmanship, then they could have made you a satisfied customer.

As a customer, learn about the service/product’s specifications so you’ll know where you stand and what you’ll be getting. Always insist on good service and quality product and respectfully point out the error, mistake or defect but don’t act like a spoiled brat.

As business owners, it pays to listen and be sensitive to your customer’s needs without spoiling them. Your set of rules and policies should be made clear to them beforehand so as not to raise their expectations and disappoint them. Don’t promise them the universe if you can’t. Integrity in advertising is a must.

Whenever one buys quality product, or experiences great service or dining, there’s that happy mood. This positive experience is then shared to others over a cup of coffee with office mates or during family conversations at home, oftentimes in detail and with passion. Unknowingly one advertises the product or service without even compensated for it. Nothing equals the satisfaction felt when you know you’re getting every cent of your money’s worth.

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