On being nearsighted

During my elementary days, I was one of those genius-looking kids wearing bulky eyeglasses… and I find it so uncomfortable. I would take it off at school and just squinted if I needed to focus on far objects. This visual deficiency was inherited from my Mom who was nearsighted. Even my siblings are nearsighted too and up to now, we’re either wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

While some kids like wearing eyeglasses, I thought it made me look weird. Maybe because eyeglasses that time were not stylish and cutesy just like the new frames featured at Zenni Optical. If I were to choose a pair of eyeglasses for kids, it would be something pink, lightweight and have that girly and fun look just like this:

When scouting for eyeglasses, a pair that provides comfort and style is always the best choice for me, thus I still opt for trying out many frames before buying. For those who prefer browsing through an online store, they can find a wide range of stylish frames at Zenni Optical, from single vision lens, to photochromic, tinted, bifocal lens and more. After all, their huge selection of low-priced eyeglasses has been mentioned in one of the online articles of The Clark Howard Show which is a consumer advocate program.

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