Four years ago…

…where was I and what was keeping me busy?

Year 2004 brought with us major family changes. We left Cebu, a place we made our second home, where we rented an apartment along a busy highway, where we studied, worked, established our business, made lots of close friends and breathed for many years. Going back to our home in Negros marked the start of a new life for us, full of challenges about starting a business, rebuilding friendships and establishing new contacts.

It was also that time when I wrote these few sentences to myself:

Success is the goal but the process of attaining it is more important. Make the process enjoyable, full of dedication, sacrifice and passion so that your sufferings will make you worthy of your success. Focus more on your inner self, as you fulfill the things needed to reach your goal. Seek growth as a person. Always learn and learn and learn.

Life hasn’t been that easy until now. Some of my past goals were met, and some weren’t, but I’m thankful for the different challenges that life brings every day. What I wrote four years ago still holds true and reminds me that every day life offers different ways of learning and growing to become a better person.

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