On voice broadcasting

Automation is the key for business systems that need to increase sales and productivity. For instance, in reaching out to many clients at the same time, the technique of voice broadcasting is used. This is an internet means of enabling a user to instantly launch numerous phone calls over the web for personal or professional purposes such as generating surveys. As an example, a delivery company might need to inform their clients of product updates or important announcements, and voice broadcasting is a faster way of sending out their message across the public.

Voice broadcasting is provided by Myvoicedialing.com with its interactive website where users can manage their voice broadcast projects – recording messages and storing them, call list management, programmed delivery and other broadcasting processes. This is an automated way of sending your alerts, reminders, notifications and other important messages to your clients and prospects.

Other than business purposes such as lead generation, voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique and is also useful for communities that need to reach out to their members simultaneously in a short period of time. The system involved is state of the art, with a database of phone numbers and digitized messages. The computers use telephony components to simultaneously broadcast thousands of messages which can also contain personalized information via Text to Speech software integration.

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