VGA connector for PC to TV viewing

After searching for a 7 pin mini-DIN S-video plug, big sis and I finally found an alternative to allow my laptop’s screen to show on their TV. We went to Gigantti and after going through their cables and connectors, big sis asked help from one of their staff. He suggested two cables – the s-video with 4 pin and the VGA connector with a male plug on both ends which looks like this:

He recommended the VGA connector, and after much thinking, we decided to buy it instead of the s-video plug.

The VGA connector was cheaper too compared to the s-video plug and I told big sis she can also use it when she will be assembling her desktop pc. Anyway, I was excited to try it as soon as we arrived home… and it was a success! Yey! Just a simple connector was all we needed. It was good to see my laptop screen showing on their big Samsung LCD TV.

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