Secret tiny pair

Here’s the answer to the post I had last Tuesday ‘A tiny pair for a riddle’:

Yup, they’re my contact lens!

They’re not of the same color, the left lens is light blue and the right lens is light brownish. I was a bit surprised about that when I opened the case the optometrist handed to me. She explained that the blue one is for the Left eye (note the ‘L’ in blue) so I won’t make the mistake of interchanging it with the other lens and putting it on my right eye. It’s a welcome change for me, being used to having the same color for my lens since my college days and yup… I sometimes make the mistake of interchanging them. I would know it though once I put it on my eyes since they don’t have the same grade. I think my right eye has a higher grade than my left.

Anyway… these tiny pair helps me see things clearly! :)

P.S. Sorry this post is a bit late since I promised I would post this on Wednesday.

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