Inside museums

Inside the Turku Castle museum
One of the exhibition rooms inside the Turku Castle Museum

We’ve been visiting some museums recently, the latest being the Helsinki City Museum where we had a really nice time as we stepped back into the past. There were paintings of royalties, important artifacts from the ancient times, and so many interesting objects which left us with much to absorb. Another museum treat for me was the Turku Castle Museum where there were rooms leading to more rooms and it was like going back to the medieval times. Even the castle guides wore medieval costumes! Too bad we had to rush since we only had few hours left before going home.

Museums give me that feeling of curiosity and awe, particularly when there are artifacts or objects on display that seem unique or provide surprising information. Tourists who want to know more about the culture and history of a place should include visiting museums in their itinerary. Anyway, next stop for me will be the Satakunta Museum here in Pori, founded by the Pori Finnish Society.

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