Financial dreams

Preparing for the future financially is one way to ensure you’ll be enjoying life free from money worries later on. For some people, retirement means being old and just relying on government pension or family support for health care.

Now as we are in the information age, the usual concept of retirement age (60 or 65) is different. Some people retire young and retire rich such as Robert Kiyosaki, a successful business leader and best-selling author. There are many young millionaires these days enjoying financial freedom even before they reach 40.

Personally, I dream of being financially free as well… and doing lots of travel to other places worldwide. I also plan on investing on real estate and do some educational programs for the less-fortunate children. These are just some of my financial dreams though I am very much hopeful they would materialize in God’s time.

Doing some research about money matters also helps me to focus on my financial goals. For instance, there are some helpful articles at the Northern Trust website, a company which offers personal financial service such as financial planning, private banking, investment management and more. I learned some ideas while browsing on their Insights and Research section which focuses on economic, personal and institutional topics with articles on wealth management, market insight, investing and other financial issues such as choosing the right financial partner.

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