8 secrets for me

8secrets Cutie sis included Bo Sanchez’s latest book ‘8 Secrets of the Truly Rich’ among the stuff to be sent to where she is — in Prague that is. Thanks to Mariel and Mai-mai! I had to scour the malls for this much requested book only to find out there were no more copies in National Bookstore and we didn’t even know when the new stocks will arrive. Geez…I didn’t know it’s a bestseller!

Good thing, we found the last two copies at Lopue’s. I immediately bought one for my cutie sis. As soon as we arrived home, my Mom started reading it and kept laughing and telling me some funny excerpts from the book. She loves it! The author Bo Sanchez who calls himself ‘the preacher in blue jeans’ got her!

The next day she went back to Lopue’s and bought the last copy. I started reading few chapters last week…it’s a practical and spiritual take on money issues. I’ll be posting my thoughts about the book as soon as I’m done with it.

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