Money, is it evil? Part 2

money2You can tell a person’s true character at times in his life when money stares at him in the eye.

Take for instance an incident about a lady who accidentally left her bag at a cemetery during All Soul’s day. That bag contained a large sum of money. She was so distraught and hopeless that it would still be found considering the madding crowd at the cemetery that day.

Days later, a little boy returned her bag with the money still intact. It is interesting to note that the boy came from a poor family with barely enough for their daily needs. When asked by media reporters why he returned the money, the boy easily replied, “It doesn’t belong to me.” How true. I wonder how others would have acted if they found the bag, would they return it to the rightful owner or would they just keep the money to themselves and rationalize the act of finding it as a ‘blessing’ from above?

That story simply tells us that the large sum of money was not evil in itself. Had it been discovered by some selfish person, it would have made him the worst thief of all. However it brought out the honesty and goodness of the poor boy who found it.

Money in the hands of an ignorant person is a waste of resources, a curse. But in the hands of the wise, regardless of how much he has, it is a real treasure, a blessing of abundance.

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