Nearsighted me

I’m nearsighted and I wear glasses since grade school. Nope, it’s not because I’m a genius, but rather it’s hereditary. Everybody in the family is nearsighted, and my eyes just gave up on me earlier than my other siblings did. How I hated to wear glasses that time! I don’t know why. I didn’t care if it gave me low grades because I can’t clearly see what’s written on the blackboard. I was just so stubborn not to wear them in school. I guess the reason why I had this hateful reaction to wearing glasses was because they were not fashionable that time, they look unattractive, big and thick framed, I thought I looked like a weirdo wearing them.

That’s why I was extremely grateful to wear contact lens when I was in college. Well, aside from the contacts, I do have my glasses too and this time, I wear my glasses with no ill feelings at all. I guess when you were young you’re totally unreasonable and just don’t make sense.

It’s good to know that these days, glasses are not only fashionable, they are also multi-functional. One can find a wide selection of styles and designs for sun reading glasses, folding glasses, and much more at online stores. Some eyeglasses are offered in low prices online with great client support and speedy shipping by the leading vision care companies on the net.

Aside from the usual full framed glasses, new designs now have slim reading glasses which come in stylish and colorful pen-cases. You now have more choices – half framed glasses, folding glasses, reading sun glasses which gradually tint when exposed to UV rays (cool huh?), some even come with hand-painted colorful designs. I wouldn’t have mind wearing some stylish bamboo reading glasses when I was in grade school then.

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