Six random facts about myself

It’s meme time! I promised myself I’ll do two overdue memes before the week ends. The first one’s from Raine ( I’ve been tagged with this meme last November yet!.

It goes this way: write six random facts about yourself, then pick six of your friends and tag them. I guess I’m running out of things to talk about myself, but as promised, here goes…

1. I have chinky eyes, they kinda disappear when I laugh. :) I look Chinese, though both my parents aren’t (we Filipinos are a combination of different races, so I guess that explains it) and people often mistook me for one. One time, a guy was talking to me in words I can’t understand, when he saw the confused look on my face, he was also wondering why I didn’t get what he just said. Then he apologized coz he was talking to me in Chinese. *sigh* Too bad I haven’t studied in a Chinese school, I would have been fluent with the language instead of just knowing “ni hao ma?”

2. I take afternoon naps whenever possible. This keeps me refreshed for afternoon work and prevents me from feeling drained by six o’clock. When I was still employed, after lunch, I would bury my head over my desk and catch a few winks while others would chitchat on the phone or play games on the pc.

3. I used to be a coffee lover, just the aroma of a hot cup of coffee (brewed or not) could send me to cloud nine and I would consume at least 3 cups everyday. When I had to do some over time work or research, I just drink some more, it kept me awake. I later found out it also caused my headaches. I was torn between keeping my headaches or drinking my yummy coffee… finally, after experiencing a week full of throbbing headaches, I decided to end my love affair with this black liquid.

4. My favorite attire – cotton shirt, jeans and flats. I just keep it simple. Don’t you just wish you could go to work without that strict dress code?

5. I can listen to a fave song over and over again, and still can’t get enough of it.

6. I just bought an exercise mat. So what does that mean??!! (shucks, I really can’t think of anything else to complete this list. Hehe…)

Now it’s tagging time! I’m passing this on to the following (don’t say no!):

1. Adam Mordo (
2. Aileen (
3. Bea (
4. Curacha (
5. Daisy (
6. Wil (

Have fun doing the meme! Just write anything random about yourself, that’s all. I’ll be checking your blogs soon… :)

p.s. to those I haven’t tagged, get ready for my next meme, you might be on my list. 😉

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