What are the things you know you should do – things that would make you a better person, things that would help build your relationship with others, things that would greatly improve your career, things that would dramatically change your life… and yet you have been putting them off for the longest time?

It’s like you haven’t done anything about them, though deep inside, you believe you should be doing these important things soon. But you let time pass you by…and so much of it has been wasted. You console yourself with a lot of pretty ‘good’ reasons and excuses.

Why… what’s holding you back? Isn’t it this luxury called procrastination? And you know the deeper cause of this… you lack that burning desire you’ve had before. The passion, the excitement, the enthusiasm… they’re simply gone. Isn’t it tragic?

These days, you just go with the flow – you go in some meaningless direction other than that which you should be heading to. And what have you done about this? Nothing.

Are you just content enough to stay this way? Wake up.

These are actually the questions I’ve been asking myself lately.

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