The happiest people are the smartest ones too

Yesterday I posted an entry about leaky ceilings, and… guess what? I got this cute illustration on my e-mail inbox today:

Happy family sleeping - photo from email

LOL, another leaky ceiling reminder!

It’s not a very reasonable piece of art though if you look at it more than once.

Notice the kids all look like they’re of the same age, except that small baby beside the mother. Or maybe they’re quintuplets?

And that dog looked so heavy sleeping on top of the kids… they will surely get muscle cramps in the morning with that sleeping arrangement!

The kid sleeping beside the father looks like he’s gonna roll down on the floor anytime. And all of them are smiling like they’re posing for a photography session with eyes closed. 😀

Well, it’s just an artist’s way of painting his idea of a real happy family, though for me, being happy means being smart too – using our available resources the best way we can. The parents should have improvised a big rug on the floor where some of them can sleep with more space. And why hold an umbrella while sleeping when you can just move the bed a bit, leave a pail to catch the falling raindrops while getting some sleep. That’s speaking from experience! (just read my previous post) he he…

Sorry dear artist, even if your illustration looks cute, I’m just tempted to redraw it a little bit in my imagination:
– the bed moved a few feet away from the leak,
– a pail catching the rain drops under the leaky ceiling,
– mom and dad with two kids sleeping on the bed,
– the four kids sleeping on a rug on the floor with the doggie beside them, not on top of them…
– and I think the cat can sleep with the group in the bed
– and most of all, they’re not smiling but just looked like they’re having a really great time in dreamland. 😀

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