Downtime syndrome

I have been currently experiencing some downtime lately.

Tuesday, last week, I got a terrible headache. Could it be because I didn’t cover my head with an umbrella or a cap when I was out in the drizzle the previous evening? (By the way, is it really true that you will catch a cold when you are out in the rain?) Then I also had muscle cramps due to a 45-minute strenuous exercise after two months of stopping. It really was a pain to move my arms and legs. Then on Sunday, good ol’ Scarlet came. Why on earth did she choose to come on Father’s day? I wasn’t able to bake something yummy for my Dad. Instead, I spent the whole afternoon just resting. Then last Tuesday, I had a late lunch on an empty stomach which left me with a weird bloating feeling and later that evening I emptied out everything I had eaten on the water closet – rice, pork, veggies, mangoes and all. Ugh. I felt so weak and dizzy afterwards, and spent the whole night so restless and exhausted, and the day after.

Now, I’m glad to be up and about. It is absolutely important to take care of one’s health. I keep reminding myself this truth. Many many times. I even tell my friends to take care of their bodies, blah blah blah… you know, the usual ‘health is wealth’ stuff. Now, I’m getting a dose of my own admonitions. Hehe… oh well, sometimes I just take for granted what really matters most… my health. Ooops, it’s dinner time! Have to take care of myself, right?

By the way, aren’t Thursdays my favorite blogging days? Funny, but I notice I’ve been posting my entries on three consecutive Thursdays already.

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