The irony of sunsets

The irony of sunsets

I love watching sunsets.

It gives me such a strange warm feeling when I’m enjoying this breathtaking view of the sun’s setting down with its unusual mixture of hues. You can never experience the same sunset day after day, it is always a different unique show at dusk. And even though I’d always want to gaze at it for a longer time, it would suddenly fade into the horizon.

It’s just so ironic, why the sky displays its beauty at its utmost just few moments before giving way to darkness. All through the day, the horizon can be clear, bluish or cloudy, but just before the sun disappears and night sets in, it leaves your mind with a scene so amazing.

Sunset at Pacific Shores, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Isn’t it the same with life sometimes?

There are times when we experience great achievements and inspiring moments just before being beset with misery or pain. Like the sunset, our life’s glorious moments strengthen us to what lies ahead. We know the darkness won’t last long, and we will always have another beautiful sunset to look forward to.

Sunset at Punta Bulata Beach Resort, Cauayan, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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