It’s difficult to decide on a life-changing issue, isn’t it? But what made it even worse for me was that it involved a long-time dream and I had to think about it and weigh things over for only a short period of time. I had to make a decision within two days only. Sigh. I was in such a dilemma. I confronted myself with a lot of questions and it left me too tired thinking about all the pros and cons, it was like walking on a thin line between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. One moment, I was afraid to fall and the next moment I was fearless and so sure of myself.

Anyway, last Monday, that fateful day when I had to decide, it seemed as if all the unseen forces of the universe made everything possible for me to follow my dream. Everything just fell into place. Help came from unexpected sources, even from people our family haven’t known before. Circumstances made it possible for me to choose a big ‘yes’. All I had to do was to just let go of my doubts and worries, take another step forward and get out of my comfort zone. And so I took the fall.

Strangely enough, these past days, there’s been one song that gave me much hope. It’s the song Anything* from the band MAE (an acronym for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience). I’m sharing with you part of the lyrics that stirred me:

Every now and again sometimes
I get lost on the wind of a dream
The air gets clean and the seas get wider
And I can do anything
The pain it won’t even cross my mind
There’s wonder in everything
The rope gets loose and the chains unbind
And I can do anything

Hope, it’s the light that strikes
That burns inside of me
It’s a blinding light but somehow I can see again
When I’ve lost my way
It’s becoming very clear
And it’s coming around again

Somewhere between the darkness and the light
My spirit takes to fly
The colors fill the skies
And I am free!

I could almost see myself cruising along the highway of life with my Bestfriend driving behind the wheel, winking at me and reassuring me, “Just relax, fasten your seatbelt, and trust Me!”

Oh well, it’s going to be another great ride of my life.


* can be played from MAE’s Purevolume site, just click on this song from the playlist. Best listened to with full volume. =)

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