My bee-log

I’m quite aware of this blogging craze years way back… I learned about it from a friend who’s got his own homepage with a blog and he posts regularly like it’s his diary. First time I saw the word, I pronounced it separately as “bee-log”. A bit curious, I asked him, “What’s a blog anyway?” He can’t explain it very well himself; he just gave me its definition courtesy of a website.

Anyway, I would just shrug the thought of me actually having my own blog. Oh well, I have read about some people getting addicted to it. Uhuh… One lady even refrained herself from blogging as her way of “abstinence” for the Holy Week. (Tsk tsk…so you can compare blogging with craving for yummy chocs.) And what about the news of somebody accused illegally because of what she wrote in her blog?

For a lot of reasons, I haven’t been blogging… yet.

OK, so now I am posting here for the first time. What made me do this? *wink*

Last week, my cutie sis urged me to read a blog on food. I reluctantly checked it out, and after a few minutes of browsing… I got interested with the links, he he… few more minutes and I was blog hopping until the wee hours of dawn. It was FUN!

I realized you can learn soooo much from blogs. I now look at blogs from a different perspective. I am seeing the lives of different people from all over the globe… in a more personal way.

Yup, we can read about people’s lives in magazines, but most of the stories are edited and very much limited in space…. there are lots of restrictions… with a blog, you don’t mind what to write or talk about, no boss or editor would tell you it won’t sell or it won’t interest the public or that your grammar would make your English teacher nuts.

The candidness of a blog is what makes it appealing and fascinating. There are no rules! … And yes, it is changing the way we connect and share ideas with fellow humans all over the planet.

So here I am. This is long overdue.

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