Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

If you’re like most people who are enthusiastic about setting personal goals for this year, then I bet you have some music-related aim you’re wishing to fulfill soon. Maybe learning the guitar is one of the items in your To Do list? A nearby music school or an expert musician friend can help you get started.

The most important factor with learning to play the guitar is, like all other instruments, practicing. And since you have to practice regularly, you must own a guitar as soon as possible. Nowadays, you can easily buy one from online music stores where you can find anything from usb mic (check it out!) to amps and effects.

Once you have your guitar, you should know how to properly tune it. Practice is important because motor skills are involved, this is also known as finger memory. It simply means that your fingers are trained to do what it does even without assistance from the brain. It’s a skill one can learn and achieve by constant practice.

Time is also very much needed to have a mastery of the basics and one must start with little steps. While it is tempting to immediately master your preferred song, still it is a must to have the right foundation initially, so you can handle finger positioning comfortably. You need to be familiar with the chords and scales first, before learning to play difficult songs.

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