On business and trade events: Design considerations for display booths

On business and trade events: Design considerations for display booths

Have you attended or participated in trade shows before? Personally, going to trade shows was one of my work activities when I was still an employee of a telecommunications company. Our suppliers would always invite us to be present in their product launching which are usually during big organized trade events. They have attractive display booths showcasing their newest innovation, thus I got to learn the latest developments in the telecoms field.

During my vacation in Thailand, I also attended the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) trade show, a major event where Thai villages (tambon) market locally produced goods and handicrafts. The huge hall was filled up with everything you can possibly think of – clothing, decorative pieces, fashion accessories, food and so much more. You can’t possible tour the whole place in one day with the many booths and stalls around.

For trade shows, a well designed booth which presents products in an organized and appealing way is sure to lure passersby; it gives a good impression of the company it represents. A table top display booth can be customized to ensure that a company’s design theme and specified color is incorporated. As an alternative to table skirting, fitted table linens are also recommended as they provide a no-frills yet elegant impression, and look more professional and appropriate for business and trade events. One can easily find fitted tablecloth products in the market nowadays. For reception/registration desks, the 3 sided fitted table cloth is a practical choice to accommodate persons seated behind as well as provide storage underneath.

Other design considerations for trade show booths should accommodate important factors such as showroom dimensions, materials used, and other display requirements. To impress and attract more walk-in guests and prospects, it’s also wise to include display boards, whether these are portable partition displays, wall panels, bulletin boards, or specialty displays. These are just some of the basic showroom furnishings to draw in more visitors to your booth. During trade shows, most vendors offer the same merchandise, thus it’s best to stand out from the rest if you want to attract more customers.

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