Tug of war: baking vs. dieting

Tug of war: baking vs. dieting

I have been trying to go on a low carb diet for the nth time but to no avail. I do want to feel lighter and be slimmer but problem is… I love to bake, and this hobby totally ruins my plans for losing the extra weight. Who can resist eating a slice of freshly baked dark moist chocolate cake?

Just recently, I added some more recipes to my list. How about some pies – buko* pie and pineapple pie – with tasty crust and rich filling? I also brought a box of cornbread and a small pack of dry yeast with plans of baking corn muffins and other baked goodies. How can I continue going on losing weight when I have been planning to learn how to bake this and that?

It surely is a tug of war between my need to diet and my interest in baking. Maybe I should just shift my interest to sewing, and make some fancy seat covers with foam padding for our dining chairs or make myself a dress or skirt. Seriously, I really need to lose weight as I feel my clothes are getting tighter and uncomfortable nowadays.

Maybe I should combine both dieting and baking, and search for some yummy low carb recipes instead? Ugh, but what about those sweet and delicious baked goodies I have been intending to bake someday? And If I do find some low carb recipes, are they yummy enough for my taste? And will it mean saying goodbye forever to this?

*young coconut fruit

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