A vacation to remember

A vacation to remember

One of my girls now lives in Europe with her Czech hubby and their young family. They have one girl and one boy, aged about six and four years respectively. When their family came for a vacation one time, they invited us (me, dad and her sister) to go with them for a few days’ break to Boracay, that famous white-sand beach many foreigners are “crazy” about.

In one of our strolls along the beach, one part of which has now many souvenir shops offering varied items especially to the tourists, our boy was attracted to a ukulele, urging his mom to buy one for him. It may not be as fancy as a baritone ukulele, but of course he didn’t mind, he didn’t know the difference anyway. It was cute, but as all toys or things that come to a curious little boy’s hand, it was still bound to be destroyed anyway.

That was a vacation to remember, when one was lazing her time away with beautiful nature, white sands under one’s bare feet and blue skies up above, and the expanse of clear blue waters in front – just enjoying the sight of God’s awesome creation, with no worries at all, not even the bills to pay for it all!

Until now and for all times, I thank Him for the blessing, with a smile! And I lift up to Him the “donors” of that vacation in prayer, for their generosity; God bless them now and for always!

p.s. Featured photo shows the beauty of Boracay Island taken during one of our strolls by the beach.

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