Time, talent and treasure

Time, talent and treasure

Just came home after attending the culmination of Year of Faith (Pagtakop sang Tuig sang Pagtuo) at the Bacolod City Public Plaza. The main highlight of the event was the Eucharistic Celebration with main celebrant Bishop Vicente M. Navarra.

After the Mass, there were more activities spearheaded by the youth, and it was inspiring to see them perform on stage especially during praise and worship. Our community didn’t stay long however and went home after few songs. On our way to the van, I noticed that our choir master was carrying a somewhat-heavy medium-sized box. I later learned it was a small amplifier he just bought for the guitar he is using during our prayer meetings.

Our community, being a religious one, thrives on prayer, with praise and worship mostly being sung. Thus music and musical instruments are essential. The instrumentalists therefore are very vital to our activities, and of course the instruments cannot be left behind. Nowadays, musicians have a lot of alternatives in finding what they prefer, depending on audience size or venue and other factors. For instance they can opt for the best dave smith instruments, which are varied enough for any kind of need, providing many choices for organs, keyboards, synthesizers, and all sorts of musical instruments.

It’s so heartwarming that our choir master selflessly donates not just his time and talent to our community, but his treasure as well. He has already bought some musical instruments and equipment being used for our prayer meeting and other events. God bless his generous heart and dedicated service to our community.

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