On skin care and sunscreens

On skin care and sunscreens

When it comes to beach and outdoor activities, I usually don’t venture out on the waters and the shores between 10 AM to 4 PM when the sun is at its peak. That’s a skin care tip from me and I highly recommend it for those who plan an upcoming beach-outing trip. According to skin cancer experts, one should limit sun exposure especially during midday. In case one has to be outdoors, an umbrella, hat or sunglasses (with UV filters) should be used and don’t forget to put on a sunblock cream or lotion.

For protection against the sun, wearing sunscreen lotion or cosmetics with sun protection factor aka SPF of at least 15 is best, and one needs to reapply after two hours. There are many brands of sunscreens in the market nowadays that come in different sizes and SPF from 30 to 70. Aside from sunscreens, there are other skin care protection products available such as sunburn relief, lip balm, insect repellent and more.

I remember when my friend dropped by our place before heading off to the airport for her flight back to Manila, I noticed that her face looked tan or darker than the usual. It turned out she and her family had a beach outing few days before their visit. Even her three year old son, who used to be fair skinned, was also sporting a dark tan. My friend complained about the sunburn on her face though, which made it itchy and flaky. Oh well, that’s because they stayed too long in the waters even if it was cloudy.

For families going on a beach vacation, make sure to pack up sunscreens as part of your trip essentials. Note that even if you’re in the car or indoors, the sun’s rays can still pass through the windows, unless they are designed to filter UV rays.

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