Proper posture when using the computer

Proper posture when using the computer

Working for long hours in front of the computer oftentimes result to back and neck pains. Big bro explained to us the proper sitting posture when using the computer:

1. Incline your back a bit (don’t sit straight) so the weight of your upper body won’t go directly to your lower backbone.

2. The direction of your eyes should be looking slightly downwards to the computer screen not horizontally straight.

3. Your hands should be resting on your mouse horizontally in a comfortable manner.

Now, I am checking on my posture and I realize I sometimes focus too much on the task forgetting that I am not observing proper sitting position. So that explains the back pains sometimes. It’s good to learn about this stuff as I am always in front of the laptop and oftentimes too engrossed with what I’m working on.

How about you? Are you making conscious effort to having the proper posture when using the computer?

Here’s to a productive and stress-free work week ahead!

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