Superstar on air

Superstar on air

I’ve always wondered how it is to be a DJ – what’s really with those great-sounding well-modulated voices on the radio? Aside from playing songs, they talk about the artists, share some music trivia, succumb to playing our requested songs, entertain callers from a non-stop ringing phone, and play those obligatory radio commercials. It’s like being enveloped and wrapped with music around you.

There seems to be an air of mystery around DJs. They sometimes talk in riddles or metaphors, drop hints, say something on air that everybody can hear but nobody really understands aside from those persons whom they meant to receive their ‘secret’ messages. I wonder how life is to be stuck inside a small acoustic-designed room for hours with loads of music paraphernalia on the wall and just being a DJ.

But this time, I’m wondering about something else… I am thinking about how it is if ever I’d be the DJ and have my own radio show. What sort of shows will I feature? Of course, my favorite artists will be on the list and how about a show that features expert advice on musical instruments and accessories, such as interviews with the pros about which gear to use for practices, gigs or events, as well as reviews of guitars, drums, and all sorts of musician’s gear. This talk show will definitely attract musicians who need inputs and ideas especially if they intend to purchase the latest Gibson electric-acoustic guitar or pedal train from online suppliers of musical instruments.

Well, I wouldn’t be considering such thoughts if not for the free online services that lets you have your own free internet radio station – where radio enthusiasts can setup their own show and broadcast it over the internet at no cost. Such sites provide varied broadcasting technologies, you can broadcast whenever you want, or simulcast your preexisting show, or keep a 24/7 streaming channel. All that’s needed to start is to create your free account and register with a username, browse over their tutorial, and you’re ready to set up your own show which will then be aired around the globe. Most of these sites are user-friendly and don’t need software to install but can be easily accessed on the web.

Those interested to put up their own free internet radio station would need to ask themselves these questions:
“What will be my topic and theme?”
“What music will be featured?”
“What kind of audience am I aiming for?”

Most important is the reason for having the radio station – this will keep them going when there will be days that they just feel lazy to broadcast or go on air.

Broadcasting from home? That sounds cool. DJ or not, you might want to try this out.

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