Creative DIY Mother’s Day gift using recycled Pond’s cream jar

Creative DIY Mother’s Day gift using recycled Pond’s cream jar

When we were still kids, we used to give handmade gifts for Dad and Mom on special occasions, such as cards with cut-outs or drawings and handwritten notes. We relied a lot on creativity and resourcefulness to come up with a handmade gift as Mom encouraged us to make use of the stuff we have at home instead of buying presents. She said it takes time and more effort to create your own gift; it is more economical as well. And it really makes her happy to see whatever we came up with.

Fast forward to many years until now, we have relied a lot on buying gifts for them or treating them to dinner. But for this year’s Mother’s Day, I decided to go old school and be more environment-friendly by making a DIY gift; recycling a used cream jar of Pond’s which I felt hesitant to throw away because it is a pretty one made of frosted glass with hard glossy cover.

Here’s a bit of what transpired after prying out the jar cover which was a real challenge: taking out the label, designing the graphic with the greeting, printing it out and cutting it into the desired shape and placing it inside the lid.

Creative DIY Mother’s Day gift using recycled Pond’s cream jar

Coming up with the graphic was not that easy though, and I had to think quickly. Thankfully, the inkjet printer cooperated and didn’t break down otherwise I could have wished for help from one of those fast brochure printing companies that time. Whew!

Of course, I placed something inside the jar – the colorful beaded necklace we bought from the Negros Showroom. I wrapped it with a used cream-colored ribbon from a brownies box and placed it in her bed.

Mom was happy with it! She gave me her used night cream jar as well, to be worked on later. I have another used cream jar too, so that means two more jars to work my magic on. LOL.

I also baked two batches of dark moist chocolate cake, Mom’s all-time favorite dessert. That evening we just went out for dinner as a treat from my two sisters based in Europe. Our celebration was just a simple one but Mom was happy.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day and pleased your Mom?

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