News reader

News reader

Aside from playing his repertoire of oldies on the keyboards, one of  Dad’s favorite hobbies is reading the news. Yup, he is a big fan of newspapers, and I mean the paper version. He indulges himself in getting local updates and the latest public information, both national and international, and he loves solving the daily crossword puzzle that’s usually included in the entertainment section.

My dad can drive us around and wait for us in the van while we do some errands as long as he has some newspaper to while away the time. He’d be so focused on reading or solving puzzles that sometimes we had to tell him it’s time to go. I know some elderly dads have their own hobbies to keep them busy, maybe logging on to Facebook while smoking a Rocky Patel. LOL.

Personally, I am not fond of news papers. It’s much easier for me to be updated with what’s happening around us by getting my fix from reading local and worldwide news updates from the Internet. I would prefer online news websites such as CNN, BBC, Inquirer or GMA, than having to pile up old newspapers here at home.

Getting the latest happenings within one’s locality from the Internet is easier these days. One can obtain a lot of information from these online resources on a wide range of topics, such as food & wine, sports & recreation, art & entertainment as well as directory and classifieds sections.

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