Incorporating swimming pools in landscape design

Incorporating swimming pools in landscape design

I used to have a client for a residential design project and he tasked me to design his dream home-office. The lot was not really that spacious but I was able to fit in all his requirements for a two-storey building with an office connecting to the house. I also had to accommodate his request for a small swimming pool at the backyard and a play area for badminton. All the blueprints were done but unfortunately the project didn’t push through as some family matters came up and they had other plans for the lot.

Positioning the swimming pool’s location during the site planning process was not that simple as I thought. I had to incorporate the required setbacks and other factors had to be considered in planning the site. I also had to contact a local swimming pool installation company for some of their requirements with the installation process as well as the cost involved. To get an idea of a wide range of pool equipment, one can visit for pool heat pumps, filters, drains, automation and other facilities.

For homes that require landscape design, there are some helpful tips in incorporating important elements such as the swimming pool. According to landscaping experts, it’s best to put the swimming pool near a shade and a deck or patio. Strategically position the pool such that it provides a great view from an overlooking balcony or terrace.

Proper lighting will also enhance your pool’s relaxing ambiance especially for poolside dinner or get-together.  The edges of the pool can be accented with stylish tiles or stones to create an added visual effect. More creative ideas for incorporating the swimming pool with the landscaping design can be obtained from the experts.

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