I love freebies!

I love freebies!

Who doesn’t like receiving free items? Whenever I go shopping, my eyes would instantly pop out seeing big flashy signs on the store shelves labeled “SALE” or “DISCOUNT” or “Buy 1 Take 1” offers. And as much as I try to veer away from these “evil” signs, they have already worked on my subconscious, tempting me to buy them on my next visit. Heh. But there are freebies that I do love, things that were given freely and surprisingly as a gift. Some nice shops and stores give away freebies during holidays, or when they celebrate special events.

This is why my Dad is happy to get free calendars from an automotive store, pharmacy or a department store. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a small bottle of cologne after I did my groceries at a mall. At a bookstore, I also got a free sachet of facial wash which the cashier included in my purchases. Some business suppliers also reward their clients with promotional pens as their way of acknowledging their loyalty. The actual price of the freebie does not really matter to me, it’s the thoughtful gesture of generosity from a business establishment that makes their customers happy and grateful as if they were given a rare and precious silver eagle coin.

If you’re a business owner and you’re at a loss about what item to choose for your giveaway or freebie, you can browse over online promotional items stores, they offer a wide range of freebie or giveaway items, from baseball caps, to tumblers, sticky pads and even air fresheners.

Simple acts of giving free items by businesses not only build good and lasting relationships with customers but are excellent marketing strategies as well, since the freebies are printed with the company logos and other info’s. Just consider how powerful the subliminal marketing messages that are hidden in these freebies! *wink*

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