Graviola (Sour Sop) fruit, locally known as Guyabano or Babana

Where to buy Graviola products (tea, capsules, leaves and more)

If you’re one of the many who would like to enjoy the health benefits of Graviola (Scientific name: Annona muricata) without the hassles of tea preparation, or if you don’t have the plant in your backyard and you can’t find it in your local store or market, then you can simply buy Graviola products online.

Graviola is available and sold in various forms – as tea bags, liquid extract, leaves, powder, seeds and even as an ingredient in a body lotion.

Graviola Capsules

NOW Foods Graviola, 500mg / 100 Capsules

NHL Graviola 1300mg per serving 100 capsules

Amermed Graviola 120 capsules

Earth Natural Graviola Leaves Powder 1150 mg 120 Capsules

Maximize Graviola 750, 100 Veggie Caps

Rio Amazon Graviola 500mg 120 Capsules

Graviola Tea Bags

Amazon Pure Natural Graviola Herbal Tea Bags

Macondo Tea Graviola Flavored Loose Black Ceylon Tea

Healthfuze Graviola Soursop Guanabana Leaves Tea Bags

Graviola Leaves

Purelife Herbs Soursop Leaves (Graviola/Guanabana) 2 Lb

Soursop Leaves (3 Oz Bag) by Zoffs

Graviola Powder

Graviola Powder 16oz (1 pound)

Graviola (Guanabana) Fruit 4:1 Powdered Extract 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Graviola Powder 1lb by holisherb

Graviola Liquid Extract (Tincture)

Rainforest Pharmacy Graviola Liquid Extract 2 fl oz Immune System

Graviola Tincture Wild Crafted Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories 2 oz Liquid

L.A. Naturals Graviola – 1 fl oz

Graviola Seeds and Lotion

SOURSOP / Guanabana / Graviola / Annona muricata 3 SEEDS

Pure Life Soap Co. – Coconut & Guanabana Body Lotion – 15 oz

Books on Graviola and other natural remedies

The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs: A Guide to Understanding and Using Herbal Medicinals

Nature’s Nutrition: A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Super Foods, Natural Supplements and Preventative Health

You Can Prevent and Reverse Cancer

Here at home, we’re blessed to have three Graviola trees where we get the leaves for tea preparation. Even though our Graviola trees don’t bear fruits regularly, we just buy from the market at an affordable price of about $1 per kilo. Homemade Graviola tea is what we drink usually after lunch and dinner, as a health supplement. Personally, I drink it to cure hyperacidity and heartburns which often come up during my monthly period; it’s an effective health tea for relaxation and is best taken before bedtime.

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