Handyman Dad

Handyman Dad

If you don’t find him in the garage or garden, he’s somewhere around the house tinkering with some tools or doing some carpentry work. That’s my Handyman Dad! :) And I have to thank him for recently installing a small cabinet and a towel bar in my bathroom wall.

No wonder, you can find all sorts of tools in his growing collection of stuff, AKA junk (!), from automotive to home improvement items. Recently, he had his eyes on a cool hammer he found at a Japanese store. Unfortunately, the thing was gone when we went back the second time. He could have added it to his crazy assortment of DIY tools at home – screws, knobs, wood scraps, bolts and what not.

Sometimes, I remind him to sort out some of his stuff and get rid of those that haven’t been used for a long time instead of just keeping them around to gather dust. Problem is, some of these things have a sentimental value for him and he just can’t easily let go of them. He also thinks he will have use for them for his future handyman projects.

While some guys prefer to spend their leisure time on outdoor recreation with friends, my Dad is such a homebody. He loves to busy himself around the house, tinkering with whatever interests him at the moment. He’s simply happy being a Handyman Dad.

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