Salt is the new sugar?

Salt is the new sugar?

One of the keys to being fit and healthy is being responsible for our body’s nutritional needs, especially our food choices. While most of the elderly battle with problems of diabetes, focusing on decreasing sugar intake in their diet, there is another health crisis that should be looked into, and this is too much salt.

Throughout the years, the medical cases concerning heart diseases have been increasing, even with younger adults. According to one health article I just read, salt is the new sugar.

This only means that one should not focus on just one aspect of his diet but consider other factors as well. We might be sufficient with some nutrients and lacking in other dietary needs. This is why too much of everything is not good and a balanced diet is really a must.

It is also important to monitor one’s health. Most homes have first aid kits and blood pressure monitors as medical essentials. Nowadays, it is also recommended by medical experts to have a pulse oximeter at hand. This is a health gadget which monitors important vital signs, the blood oxygen saturation level as well as the pulse rate.

Technology advancement has made it possible for most medical instruments and gadgets to be small and handy nowadays, they provide accurate results and the readings are shown immediately. One can browse over a wide range of such products with good brand and quality and for an affordable price.

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