It’s OK to be rich

It’s OK to be rich

Most of us want to be rich. And, why not?

How many of us felt guilty that we have this desire to be rich? Isn’t it that being rich has a negative connotation? Don’t we think rich people are selfish, materialistic, vain and all?

Most people are sending mixed signals to the universe, as Bo Sanchez in his book “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich” says. There is the wanting to be rich but subconsciously thinking that money is evil, thus “contradicting desires creates contradicting results.”

Stop the blame. Permanently poor people blame their poverty on everything else but themselves. But if you keep on blaming your financial condition on things outside yourself, you”ll never become rich. Why? Because within every problem is the solution. So if you believe that the problem is outside you, then you don’t control the solution

Blaming others and not being responsible for their current situation is one of the reasons why some remain poor. But being born to an underprivileged family is not an excuse, some of the most successful businessmen were poor. Had they blamed their poverty on their family background, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

Deep within you, you’ve programmed your life to operate on a particular level of income and total net worth. Because this is your psychological wallet or money-comfort zone, you can’t see yourself earning twice as much or becoming a millionaire. You simply can’t. So you stay in your money comfort zone for the rest of your life.

This is the reason why most lottery winners go back to the same financial situation before they won because they’re not comfortable with handling millions or any amount that is much more than their previous income. Their psychological wallet is limited only to what they usually earn so when they are given more, they spend it all and go back to their money-comfort zone.

It is very much possible to be wealthy and yet maintain your spirituality without becoming a slave of materialism. The book discusses how to “create material wealth and gain spiritual abundance at the same time.” Bo also encourages financial literacy by attending seminars on business and money matters, and learning from financial mentors.

Becoming truly rich means you’re not having any bad debt and automatically saving 20% of your monthly income. You also need to go into investing, getting insurance, building a retirement fund and creating multiple sources of income. It is also important to be always committed to your dreams, stay focused on your goals and having God as your Champion Partner.

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