On proper lighting

On proper lighting

For those who work long hours on their desks, adequate lighting is a must and a dimly lit desk is a big no-no. I realized this many years ago when my eyes hurt badly and this uncomfortable condition persisted for days; I had to stop wearing my contact lens to avoid further irritation and went back to wearing glasses. I also had to let my eyes rest some hours during the day by taking time off in front of the computer.

After some “investigation”, I learned that my strained eyes were caused by my dimly lit desk which was situated far from the room’s fluorescent lighting. I used to have a desk lamp but I discontinued using it because it took up some of my desk space. Good thing I discovered my sis’ unused desk lamp, which was more functional because it can be clipped above the shelves, a real space saver indeed. After I installed it, I got a brighter and better view of my work area and my eyes were back to being normal and pain-free. :-)

Proper lighting is important when doing work. The eyes can be easily stressed out with a poorly lit working area. Aside from blinking regularly to reduce eye dryness and turning your eyes away from the computer every now and then, task lighting is also important to provide sufficient illumination to your work.

Here are some tips when buying lamps:
1. Evaluate your desk, table, room or the area where you intend to put the lamp.
2. Choose a lamp design that would fit your space requirements.
3. Decide ahead on your lamp usage and brightness, if you want a softly illuminated room or you need brighter lights for household chores or task lighting for focused brightness on your work.

There are many choices available for lighting products with designs ranging from contemporary lamps and lamp shades to traditional desk lamps and stylish torchieres. Personally, I go for sleek space-saving designs when it comes to lamps and lighting fixtures. To have a properly lit desk at less electricity cost, simply put an energy saver bulb in it which gives more brightness at lower wattage and presto, your desk is now ready for you to work on.

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