Going solo

Going solo

A web developer working on site content and management for different individuals and companies; a programmer working on a software package for X and Y organizations; a graphic designer doing numerous logo and graphic designs for different clients; advertising agents, real estate agents, architects, consultants and other individuals working for themselves — these are a different breed of professionals we call freelancers or soloists where they are being their own bosses, being a one-person company handling one or more projects for multiple clients simultaneously.

Despite its unstable income source as compared to a steady salary of being employed, working solo gets a lot better and offers so many advantages when you have established a good client base. And dealing with multiple clients, discussing their needs and getting their feedback can sometimes take more time and hassle than dealing with the actual design or working on the project itself. Automation is the key. And this can be possible with a customer relationship management (CRM) software such as a solo CRM where the production process is organized and automated to meet the needs of the soloist.

Fortunately, independent professionals can manage their clients’ needs better with help from customized CRM tools. These are software packages usually with client portal that allows users to login with access to projects to monitor the progress of tasks and content. This eliminates the need for them to follow up by phone or email. Another useful feature for such CRM tools is contact management for organizing all contacts in one place and is also made available on the web. Other key features are project management, content management, messaging center, calendar, email notifications and content requests.

Are you presently employed? Have you entertained the possibility of being a freelancer? What are your thoughts on going solo and being your own boss?

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