Keeping away from identity thieves

Keeping away from identity thieves

Yesterday, I gave my pink ASUS Eee PC netbook away. Well, not really for free though. I sold it to a student at half its original price. So, I was busy managing and removing my personal files in its hard disk before I handed it over, making sure I didn’t leave any documents with sensitive information in them.

Selling or giving away your gadgets and computers can be risky when we talk about personal data still stored inside. There’s the threat of personal identity theft for owners who are not careful enough to wipe out confidential files before trading or donating these devices.

When it comes to the online world, identity theft, hacking and phishing scams abound, as well as viruses and malware. Software packages and tools for internet security and antivirus protection is a must not only for businesses but for individuals who value their family’s virtual safety.

Norton for example offers advanced 5 layers of protection with its internet security package keeping users safe from online identity thieves. The software includes threat monitoring and provides a secure environment for its users as they engage in online activities that put them at risk for identity theft such as purchasing via credit cards, posting in social networks or logging in to banking websites.

Whether you’re using your desktop computer, tablet PC or smartphone – online or offline – it’s best to stay protected; be knowledgeable about securing your personal data (e.g. creating strong password combinations or PINs) and be equipped with the right security software and tools to keep those identity thieves away.

And before you think about getting rid of your old gadgets and computers, make sure they are safe enough (i.e. no sensitive data left on hard disks and memory cards) to be given away or sold, especially to strangers.

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