Home design tips: Retractable awnings

Home design tips: Retractable awnings

Home improvement ideas are becoming more creative these days with the increase in building materials suppliers offering innovative design solutions. One can get inspired with the many design ideas from product showcases in furniture shops and home depots or simply browsing over online home improvement sites.

For instance, what used to be traditional window awnings or patio roofs are replaced with retractable awnings that offer not just energy savings for the home but aesthetic appeal as well. Architects and designers can use their creativity to integrate retractable awnings to the overall house design. There are many styles to browse over at many online sites, from classic to contemporary, in different colors and styles. Some of these merchant sites provide online tools where users can easily select their preferences and get a customized design to meet their needs.

Before choosing an awning, it is best to assess first the area – where you would like the retractable awnings be installed (deck, pool or windows), how it is mounted (as an exposed rafter, roof, soffit, or wall), the dimensions, operation (whether it is manually maneuvered or motorized), plus so many other options for customization.

Installation of retractable awnings is relatively a major home improvement project, thus it is best to ask assistance from the experts to come up with an attractive yet functional design.

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