Ways to look and feel younger

Ways to look and feel younger

Staying young is not forever but staying youthful is a must.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to enjoy life and stay young-looking no matter which age range you belong:

1. Pamper yourself with a day in a spa – a natural way to relax tired and stressed out muscles

2. Have conversations with a child (even your baby nephew!) or with people younger than you and really listen to them – it’s like being transported to your younger days

3. Treat yourself in a facial rejuvenation center – they have a variety of non-surgical procedures to relax your facial muscles and take years away from your face

4. Be with nature – go mountain-climbing, have a day in the beach, go diving, or just take a hike in the woods

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5. Pray and meditate often – this is a form of spiritual relaxation, putting all your cares in the hands of our Creator who knows what’s best for us. Remember when you came out of a deep and honest prayer feeling refreshed and recharged?

How about you, have you done any of the above? How do you keep yourself looking and feeling young?

Whatever are one’s ways for staying youthful, what matters most is that we enjoy and live life to the fullest.

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